Ól fyrir Sjónauka


9.900  Kr.


Besta ól sem til er fyrir sjónauka í göngur og veiði,

Sjónaukinn situr alveg kyrr framaná sveiflast ekki til hliðar eða fram og aftur ,en svo er auðvelt að renna honum upp að augum.

Binocular Strap SPORT

Nobody likes to hike or hunt with bouncing binoculars. The new Bincoluar Strap SPORT puts the bouncers out of business:

  • No more swinging, rocking or bouncing of the binoculars with the new Strap
  • Extreme user friendly: One touch and your binoculars are where you want them
  • Afterwards, the binoculars simply slide back into the „off“ position
  • Full use of the ocular protection cover
  • The stabilizer is a removable component; ready to go in or out in seconds. Without the stabilizer, the Strap serves as a standard contoured strap
  • Simple handling; Strap adjustable to different lengths
  • Contoured Strap made of wide and soft neoprene guaranteed to provide maximum comfort
  • A light weight at merely 150 gramms