Merki: Deerhunter
Vörunúmer: Muflon Light buxur
Framboð: Á Lager
19.900 ISK
Án skatts: 19.900 ISK


Mjög vandaður fatnaður sem fengið hefur viðurkenningu fyrir hönnun .

Muflon Light is a lightweight hunting outfit designed for active hunting in temperate climes. The outfit makes very little noise and is extremely flexible with a four-way stretch quality, so you can move around more freely and sneak up on your quarry without being heard. With Muflon hunting wear, you get a lightweight and silent hunting outfit with optimum breathability – and, of course, a five-year warranty on the membrane.

  • Adjustable waist w. elastic
  • To front pockets
  • 1 back pocket w zipper
  • 1 leg pocket w. rounded wide opening for easy access and extra zip pocket
  • Pre-shaped knee
  • Soft material on the inside of leges to reduce noise
  • Temperature down to -10°C