Cock Pheasant Tail
Feather combo
5.950 ISK
The long awaited Fly Tier s Variety Pack is here The Fly Tier s Variety Pack was developed to offer ..
Marabou Strung Blood Quills
Colors:BlackOliveOlive BrownDark OliveGolden OliveChartreuse (Skær grænn)Fl. GreenDamsel GreenHot Or..
Peacock Eye
835 ISK
2 st í pakka..
Peacock Herl
795 ISK
Peacock Sword Tails
2 st í pakka..
Short Cock Hackles
The Short Cock Neck Hackles come in a wide range of vibrant bright colors and are great for Salmon a..
Stari hamur
2.790 ISK
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