Merki: Fladen
Vörunúmer: Charter Boat Sjóveiðisett
Framboð: Á Lager
17.900 ISK
Án skatts: 17.900 ISK

Charter Boat Sjóveiðisett .

Stöng 6,5fet í 2 pörtum

Hjól Vantage Sea, 30

Gírun  3,8 : 1

Tekur 320m af 0,45

6 kg bremsu 

2 legur

Well built composite rods with a strong but low weight blank. 

Specially designed for charter boats and other rough, tough users. 

All rods have a gimbal and foam handle, and the two piece is a 50/50 split. 

Vantage Sea 30 has ceramic line guide on the level wind, big crank handle, star drag with click sound and a full 6 kilos of brake power. 

Aluminum spool and automatic clutch.