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Nýja Orvis Recon er léttasta flugustöngin í sínum flokki, frammleidd með Helios 3 tækninni
Falleg og vel heppnuð stöng sem er smíðuð í USA af fólki sem elskar að veiða og vita hvernig flugustangir eiga að virka.
Recon stöngin hefur nú verið uppfærð og er betri en nokkru sinni áður með Helios™ 3 tækni

When headed to big water, you want to be prepared for big fish, wind, and the ability to throw big flies—and the Recon Fly Rod fits the bill perfectly. Versatile and accurate enough to drop a dry fly in a far tight window, and yet with the power to cut through the wind and deliver a big streamer to a far cut bank or a big popper to a hole in the lily pads. Heavy nymph rigs are not a problem, either. There are times in freshwater when bigger is better. If big rivers, lakes, and big flies for big fish are your passion, the Recon is a powerhouse that will do the job and then some. Helios™ 3 is the benefactor behind the new Recon, utilizing its construction techniques and performance attributes to refine and improve the new series. Increased hoop strength, better tracking, improved damping, and ultimately, significantly improved accuracy are now incorporated into the Recon that is also stronger, more impact resistant, and offers the buyer access to the best technology Orvis fly rods have to offer.

  • 9' lína 4
  • 9' lína 5
  • 9' lína 6
  • 9' lína 7
  • 9' lína 8
  • 10' lína 4
  • 10' lína 5
  • 10' lína 7
  • 10' lína 8
  • 7'6" lína 2
  • 7'6" lína 3
  • 8'4" lína 3
  • 8'6" lína 4
  • 8'6" lína 5
  • 9' lína 9
  • 9' lína 10
  • 9' lína 12
  • 9'6" lína 6
  • 10' lína 2
  • 10' lína 3

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