Merki: Champion
Vörunúmer: 40906
Framboð: Á Lager
24.900 ISK
Án skatts: 24.900 ISK

SkyBird™ kastari.

Kastarinn nýtist við streng til að losa leirdúfurnar á öruggan hátt. Endurhleðsla er rosalega einföld og létt. Tri-Pod statífið er í mittishæð. 

"A 3/4 Cock Trap has a one-way clutch that allows throwing arm travel in only one direction. When the throwing arm is tripped and a clay target thrown, the inertia of the arm carries it to about an 8 o'clock position. The one-way clutch does not allow the spring to pull the arm back to the twelve o'clock position, but instead stops it at the furthest distance traveled, which is closer to the setter. This feature requires less force and a much shorter distance to fully cock the trap for the next throw."