Merki: Orvis
Vörunúmer: Orvis Carry It All
Framboð: Á Lager
29.900 ISK
Án skatts: 29.900 ISK

Frábær taska sem tekur stangir, hjól, box og allt hitt veiðidótið.
Aðskilin, fóðruð hólf sem hægt er að stilla af fyrir mismunandi stóra hluti
Axlaról fylgir.
Stærð: 94 x 14 x 23 cm.
Tekur upp í 11 feta / 330cm, 4-parta stöng

Orvis CEO Perk Perkins helped design this bag to meet the needs of the traveling angler. With his blessing, we have updated this bag to be even more user friendly. Rods are stored in a separate, padded compartment in the top. The bottom half has adjustable dividers and is designed to hold other critical gear like reels, lines, fly boxes, sunglasses, pliers, and terminal tackle. Unique shoulder strap allows the bag to be carried in a number of ways, making those long walks in the airport a little easier. Designed to be carried on airplanes, the bag is rugged enough to be checked if necessary. Nylon is coated along the bottom of the pack for increased water resistance.